Small Shuck Maine Lobster Tails

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Small Shuck Maine Lobster Tails

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Our Shucks Maine Lobster tails are a perfect way to celebrate this holiday seasons!

 These 3-4 ounce E-Z Shuck Maine Lobster tails are the perfect way to make meals this season extra special. Each tail has been HPP (high-water-pressure) processed to ensure you get every last bite of your Maine lobster. 

EZ Shuck tails are great steamed or broiled, or try splitting to grill or remove the meat from the uncooked tail and bake. Find great recipes on the Recipe page.

This product is 10 pounds of 3-4 ounce Maine Lobster tails. Tails are individually frozen, allowing you to take our what you need per serving and save some for later. 


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