The Shucks Maine Lobster Story

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The Beginning

Shucks Maine Lobster started as a small, 20 seat, family owned Maine Lobster and Oyster bar in Kennebunkport, Maine. Johnny, a Maine native, and his five young children, ages 8-18 at the time, opened the popular summer seafood attraction simply as a way for the five children to all work together during their summer vacation.

However, it quickly became a favorite of tourists and locals alike who were searching for the perfect traditional Maine Lobster celebrations.

Today, Shucks Maine Lobster has grown to become Maine’s most innovative producer of value added “MSC Certified Sustainable” Maine Lobster products. The Company is known internationally for its exceptional quality, dedicated staff, and passion for the Maine Lobster industry. It all began because of one lesson learned while serving Maine Lobster at the restaurant: “Yes, people love Maine Lobster...but, they love it more when you shuck it for them.”

The Big Mother Shucker

In 2006, Johnny visited an oyster processor in Louisiana to learn about High Pressure Processing (HPP). He immediately saw the value of the technology, tested it with live Maine Lobsters, and discovered the miracle of how HPP helps shuck raw lobster meat from the shell. Problem solved.

He quickly recognized the possibilities for chefs to create their own unique Maine Lobster dishes, and for Shucks to produce convenient and value added “EZ Shuck”raw Maine Lobster products for consumers. 

He then purchased his own HPP machine, before even having a customer, and dubbed it the “Big Mother Shucker”(it is 16’ tall and weighs 80,000 lbs.) The new journey began.

International Award Winner:

A year later, in 2007, Shucks Maine Lobster won two Prix d’Elite awards at the Brussels International Seafood Show for its raw HPP lobster meat (Best New Foodservice Product & Most Convenient New Seafood Product). Since then, Johnny, and members of the Shucks Maine Lobster family have continued to grow the Company from its days as a Maine Lobster and Oyster bar into Maine’s premium innovative lobster processor.

Our dedicated Shucks Maine Lobster family is eager to deliver to you our convenient and sustainable raw Shucks Maine Lobster “EZ Shuck” products. Please let us know how we can help you and your customers celebrate with Shucks Maine Lobster!

2007 Prix d'Elite