Poached Lobster

If you have purchased Shucks Raw Maine Lobster meat,  there are a variety of ways to prepare it; if you want to cook it or dish it up raw. The easiest way to cook your Raw Maine Lobster meat is to butter poach it. After you’ve done this, you can add it to anything, chop it up and make a Lobster Roll, or just eat it right out of the dish- enjoy your Maine Lobster meat, direct to you from Trap to Table™!

All you need to butter poach your Maine Lobster meat is

* a small tab of butter

* Shucks Raw Maine Lobster meat (here, I’ve used Raw Claw & Knuckle meat)

* Deep pan

* Enough water to fill about 2 inches in your pan/pot

First, you will need to thaw your frozen meat. You can either place the bag of meat in a small dish and leave in the refrigerator overnight, or you can speed it up by placing the bag of meat in a dish and covering it with cool water until the meat has thawed. You will want the meat to be completely thawed before you cook it.

Open the bag of meat, and drain the juice out, leaving just the meat. Over medium heat, add water and butter to the pan. Bring it to a boil, and then turn the heat down to low. Place the meat into the water, making sure that it’s all covered with the butter/water mix. Let the meat cook for 4-6 minutes or until firm.

After it is cooked, carefully remove the pan from the heat and drain the Maine Lobster meat from the water. You can add it to a dish hot, or you can run it under cold water to cool it down if you want to make a Lobster Roll or Lobster BLT.